Godiva Books is a newly established publishing company that supports the publication and distribution of books written by both first time and more experienced authors. As part of our Publish on Demand (POD) service for authors, we can take you from the beginnings of an idea to the finished product - your published book - or simply have a cover designed for you by our in-house graphic designer. We hope that our relationship with you can be rewarding not only financially but, perhaps more importantly, in terms of encouraging you to develop creatively as an author.

"Authors and uncaptured criminals are the only people free from routine." - Eric Linklater (1899-1974)


University Editing Service

Essay Editing:

Your essay will be checked for all common errors of punctuation, grammar, spelling, and syntax. Where necessary, comments and suggestions about word choice, appropriateness of topic sentences, and the overall structure of the essay will be made. In addition to editing your essay, where necessary, guidance will be provided on how you should rewrite critical sections of the essay, such as the introduction and conclusion of the essay. Find out more about editing essays for university


Types of Essays Edited:

All types of essays are edited including: Presessional research papers, Undergraduate and Master’s dissertations, PhD thesis, and essays at all levels. Find out more about editing essays for university


The Editors are waiting to help you !

We have a team of experienced editors waiting to help you and make your life at university more enjoyable and rewarding.

The chief editor has over 15 years of experience in helping students develop their English academic writing skills and has worked with many undergraduate and postgraduate students (many different Majors) to improve their written work.

He has taught one 20-week and two 10-week presessional courses in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at the University of Birmingham in the UK from 2008 to 2010 and helped many students (in particular Engineers) to develop their presessional research papers.

In addition he has worked for several years for a well-established, medical editing company in Taiwan and was responsible for not only editing but also critiquing research papers presented by doctors who wanted to publish their work in international medical journals.

He now writes IELTS books and regularly edits books for authors who wish to publish their books.

How to send an essay for editing

Please complete the following steps:

1.     Calculate the amount for your payment by using the table below:


of words

 Payment in

£ (GBP)



of words


Payment in

£ (GBP)




100    x  1.5






200    x  1.5






300    x  1.5






400    x  1.5






500    x  1.5






600    x  1.5






700    x  1.5






800    x  1.5






900    x  1.5























For example: 


Number of words      =   3450






£ 45

  450  x  1.5      


£ 6.75






TOTAL          =

£ 51.75








1.     Make payment using the PayPal link below:

2.     Send your essay – and payment reference – to  editor@checkessay.com


·       Please try to give as much time for editing as possible.

·       However, do let us know if you have a specific deadline.