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Title : Butt Perfect
Author : Razel Rodis
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The Book...

We all know that it is possible to get away with a sagging, flabby rear-end and still look good in clothes.  In addition, it is conveniently situated so that we can forget all about it.  However, if you want to look good all over, you need to get off your butt and give it some tender loving care.

The exercises and tips in this manual have been written for both women and men in mind.  So, all of you guys who want to look good, keep reading too.  Those muscular biceps, thick thighs, and a 6-pack all look great but do not forget those harder to tone areas like the neck and buttocks.

Most people exercise their arms and legs (even a little) every day by picking something up, carrying a shopping bag, walking to the bus stop, pushing a shopping trolley and so on.  Sports help tone and strengthen your arms and legs even more.  By contrast, the muscles in your buttocks do not get much use unless we start to do exercises that are specifically designed to tone and shape them.

Unlike many exercise manuals, this one does not tell you exactly how many times each exercise should be done because what your body needs is individual, and changes as you change.  Instead, it helps you determine the right answer for you now – depending on your age, fitness condition, and so on. That answer will almost certainly not be the same a month from now.

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