Godiva Books is a newly established publishing company that supports the publication and distribution of books written by both first time and more experienced authors. As part of our Publish on Demand (POD) service for authors, we can take you from the beginnings of an idea to the finished product - your published book - or simply have a cover designed for you by our in-house graphic designer. We hope that our relationship with you can be rewarding not only financially but, perhaps more importantly, in terms of encouraging you to develop creatively as an author.

"Authors and uncaptured criminals are the only people free from routine." - Eric Linklater (1899-1974)

About us...

Founded by Phil Biggerton in 2010, Godiva Books is a Publish on Demand (POD) publishing company.  We specialize in both formal and informal education and as such are keen to hear from authors who write school/college/university textbooks on any subject, health and fitness books (e.g. herbal medicine, aromatherapy, Tai Chi) and travel (this being perhaps the finest form of education).

Godiva Books


Our Philosophy...

At Godiva Books, we believe in the old saying that, "Everyone has a book inside them" but we also believe that most of these books never get written. It is our aim, therefore, to encourage the development of new talent and the expression of their ideas. Established by authors for authors, Godiva Books knows all too well how difficult it can be to publish the book that means so much to you. As a small company, but one dedicated to promoting writing talent all over the world, we pride ourselves on being able to work very closely with every author. A "one service" for everyone is not our style. No matter where you are in writing your book, we are interested in hearing from you.

Need help with an IELTS exam...

As a publisher of IELTS books we also offer some useful services to students who are taking the IELTS test.

The first one is to have your IELTS writing tasks assessed for the grade they will receive; and also to correct your writing, and make suggestions about how to increase the score for each of the four grading criteria.

Also, you can have a speaking lesson over SKYPE. During this lesson I can give you a mock speaking test to find out your speaking level and also give you feedback on how you can achieve the grade you need, according to the four grading criteria of the speaking test. At the end of the class, I give you an MP3 recording of the lesson. Time on Skype can also be used to discuss other areas of the IELTS test such as any difficulties you have with the writing, reading, or listening tests.

There is also lots of information about the IELTS speaking and writing test on our sister site.

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